Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend wrap up

Once again, because I am too late to join Jen Fulwiler's Quick Takes Friday!

1. I have to start off by sharing something that it seems everyone already knows... except me. BUT, if there is anyone else out there in the same boat that I was, I offer this to you now:

Apply Vicks vaporub to the bottoms of your feet (and then put some toasty socks on) at night when you have a cold and you WILL.NOT.COUGH.

I'm not kidding.

I thought this was the most ridiculous sounding bit of old wives' tales yet, but seeing as I have been hacking up a lung every night with this cold that I have, I was willing to give it the old college try.

Unbelievable, but true. It really works. I don't know WHY it works, but I.Don't.Care.

I've been telling everyone about this because it is just so miraculous. How did we get to the 21st century and not know this? This should be tip #1 to every new mom. I feel so gypped. I can tell you know, though, that nighttimes will be so much easier to deal with when there are colds in this house!!

2. Can I gloat (mildly) for just a minute?


Praise God!!

OK, I'm done gloating now.

3. Speaking of homeschooling, I was SOOOOOO blown away by the conference my husband and I attended back in March. I tended to stick with the "Classical Education" track and for some reason, this was the year that everything resonated with me. I cannot begin to say how much my view of everything changed after listening to those speakers.

But, I will say that I have found myself slowing down... stopping to appreciate the beauty that is all around me... READING books (rather than racing through them) and taking notes... and passionately enjoying the opportunities to learn that I am presented with daily.

I wish I had been able to blog about it when I first got back from the conference, but the home life was such that it wasn't possible... but that's OK. What is important is that my husband and I both came away with important lessons that I think will stick with us.

4. Marie (7 yrs old) just recently celebrated her First Holy Communion. I will post pictures when I can, but for now I will just cherish in my memory the image of her looking at me, bouncing on tiptoes, just before going up for the first time to receive. I've been telling her for months now, "Jesus is more excited about this than you are!" and it is soooooooo very true. He knew when each one of us would receive Him for the first time and He eagerly looked forward to it from the beginning of time. I could easily say to Marie that He's been waiting since the creation of the world for this moment... and I am so blessed to see my little girl ready to run up there and meet Him!


Lucero Kullick said...

I was waiting for you to write in your blog!! About the Vicks, that's what I do with my little one! And about Marie's First Holy Communion, it's absolutely beautful what you said! He's just waiting for us!!! Thank you for sharing!

Beth said...

Can you please elaborate on what you learned at the conference? Please??? :)