Thursday, March 28, 2013

As little children

My sweet little guy was sitting in his car seat, looking out at the nighttime sky after Holy Thursday Mass this evening.

"Daddy... are you sure you can find da house?"

"Yes, buddy... I know how to find our house."

I looked back to see his little face, filled with anxiety, as he looked out into the dark once more.

"Daddy... are you SURE you can find da house in da dark?"

Once again my husband assured him that he knew the way, and he could find the way home, even though it was dark outside.

I watched the look on his little face, as he glanced once more at the black windows of the car, and then up towards his Daddy driving the car, shift from disbelief to a trust in spite of what he was seeing.

And I knew then, as clear as any homily I had ever heard, what I was supposed to learn from that.


Malia said...

Now if I could only imprint that on my brain. Forever.

Sue Zanna said...

Sometimes we have to listen and listen and focus and still ourselves and quiet our hearts to hear God speak. Sometimes we don't.
Nice post.