Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quick check in

Sorry I haven't posted regularly... we just finished up homeschooling for the semester (praise God!) and I've been catching up on all sorts of crafty projects -- curtains, a quilt, canning strawberry jam, etc.

Fun for us, but not necessarily "blog-able."

Then, I had to get ready for check off -- our accountability group requires more than the state does in terms of keeping us legal and such, and with Sean now in high school, I had to do a bit more prep work than normal... but, all that is finished now, and I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I will post more (promise, Beth!) about what I learned at the conference...

But for now, can I just say that having teenagers ROCKS?

I know, I know... having three teenagers in the house (two officially, but one who acts like it!) should be a "living nightmare" for parents, right? Surly attitudes, fights, a huge pulling away from family life, etc etc etc and blah blah blah...

Not here.

OK, don't get me wrong -- we do get attitude from time to time, and they are "pulling away" in a way that I think is healthy and normal... BUT...

My older children think that watching movies with us is FUN.

Sean, Reilly, Kathryn, DH, and I just watched "The Rear Window" because I told them earlier today that they HAD to watch it... and can I say, I have never enjoyed that movie more. We were all huddled around the computer monitor, sitting in the dark, watching a terrifically suspenseful movie, and loving every second of it. My girls sitting with their legs pulled up to their chins... my son leaning forward into my chair during the tense scenes... my DH mentioning that this was one of his favorite films...

Does it get much better than that?

My kids and I, for summertime fun, are reading "And Then There Were None" during lunch (OK, don't think I'm morbid -- I have a soft spot for this book ever since the 5th grade, when my teacher took the last 10 minutes or so of classtime to read this book to us. I am forever indebted to Mrs. K for introducing me to Agatha Christie, to the joys of being read to, and to being exposed to books that were "higher than my grade level."). We sit around in the living room together, munching our sandwiches, and enjoying a book together (they all think that "the butler did it." I'm not telling...)

And my girls... who have "sleepovers" on a regular basis... always ask if they can watch a movie in the computer room and ALWAYS ask if I can watch with them -- since, as they say, "It's no fun to watch if you're not with us."

I cannot tell you how much fun... how many great conversations... how much laughter... and how much joy there is in having teenagers in the house. From playing Scrabble to read-alouds to watching great movies, we have had such an amazing time together.

I don't know what tomorrow holds, but for today, I thank God that I have been given the privilege of being a Mom, and getting to share my life with some amazing people who just happen to be my children.


Beth said...

That is awesome!! I'm thinking homeschooling probably helped make them into such great kids too ;) And awesome parents!

Lucero Kullick said...

Your kids are amazing.. and you're wonderful parents, too!! I think is a little bit about everything, homeschool, their personalities, etc., but above all is God's hand guiding you guys to educate such wonderful kids! miss you!!