Friday, March 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
Did I actually get around to doing this twice? Oh my goodness... I think I've achieved some sort of milestone... at least I think it's a milestone...

--- 2 ---
I have to post this. If you haven't seen this video yet, it is worth watching. I have seen several videos of Penn Jillette before, and while we don't agree on most things, I truly respect the way he thinks, the way he argues his point, and the way he follows his arguments to their logical conclusion. Thank you, Penn Jillette! (and thank you, Julie, from Happy Catholic, for posting this!)

--- 3 ---
On a totally different note... one of the highlights of my week is when the kids recite the poems they are learning. When they can recite it all the way through, they illustrate it and put it in their binder. Kinda goofy, perhaps, but we really have fun with it. I love to see the great pictures that they draw, and you'll understand why when you see Christopher's rendition of "Old Ironsides."  (you'll have to click on it to appreciate it fully...)

--- 4 ---
And here's a picture of the artist as he looked this morning, fever and all (oh! And you can see my messy kitchen, too! Bonus!)

--- 5 ---
Can I just say that my husband rocks? He's in the kitchen right now (and surprisingly, it looks MUCH better than it did in the above picture!) getting all the ingredients mixed for pancakes in the morning. Several years ago he decided that Saturday morning was HIS morning to cook breakfast for everyone, and he has NOT missed a Saturday yet. He lets me sleep in (thank you!!!) and he cooks pancakes FROM SCRATCH for everyone. Yes, my children think their is the greatest...

--- 6 ---
Pictures are just too much fun, so here's another picture of another sick kid -- let's hear it for Joseph!

No pictures of the other "sickies"... the poor little guys. They've been draped over the couch all day long, sleeping off their fevers. But hey, if you have to be sick, this is the best kind of illness to have -- nothing but fever and napping all day long. Does it get much better than that (illness-wise)? I think not.
--- 7 ---

And I am done for this evening!
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