Friday, March 01, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

--- 1 ---
I can't believe I'm actually doing a Quick Takes Friday -- it's my first! Yeah for me!!

--- 2 ---
Remember my "big breakthrough" about putting the week's menu on the REFRIGERATOR (rather than my planner)? Well, it's been three weeks now, and honestly, it's like the FlyLady's "clean sink" routine -- once you start doing it the rest of the kitchen sort of comes together.

See this picture?

That is a picture of a clean, wiped down, organized refrigerator with no funky leftovers stashed away in the back. I'm usually pretty good about using up leftovers and not wasting food (in fact, my kids have told me quite often, "Wow, Mom! You can turn anything into a casserole!" *grin* It's funny... but true... and YES, it turns out tasting great! Don't mess with me...), but I'm feeling even more organized and that is a GOOD thing (since so much of my house... isn't)

--- 3 ---
And the chalkboard?
Used DAILY. It's making planning my weekly shopping trip a LOT easier, and I'm not forgetting to put stuff on the list!

Why... why did it take me about 17 years of marriage to figure this out?

--- 4 ---
If your kids love the Holy Heroes website (and who doesn't?) and watched the videos, you probably found yourself making pretzels today. It gave me the extra push I needed, since I was planning on making them "sometime" during Lent anyway.

However, I much prefer this recipe for the pretzels. It's the dunk in the boiling baking soda water that gives them that "mall pretzel taste" (you know what I'm talking about!).

--- 5 ---
Only 9 more weeks left of homeschooling. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can almost taste freedom! (does anyone else get antsy in February, or is it just me?) We always start early so that we can finish up when the weather starts to turn nice... the kids are begging to go outside... and the bugs aren't out yet. By the time summer hits, our backyard is NOT a fun place to be.

--- 6 ---
Speaking of homeschooling, is anyone planning on going to the National Conference this year?

--- 7 ---
Finished on a Friday with 30 minutes to spare! YES!

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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I've been posting our menu on the fridge for a long time too, and it works SO well!

Delighted to see you joining in with 7QT. I've been a big fan of your blog forever!

Amy said...

I've been putting off posting a meal plan *forever*. I know it would be a good idea so I don't know why I keep procrastinating. I think your post is the inspiration I need!

Beth said...

OK seriously. WHO writes like that??? Is that your handwriting?? I need to practice! haha

We made pretzels AND we have 9 weeks of school left too! WOOOOO!!!!

Ouiz said...

Amy, I can't BELIEVE that something this small has made so much of a difference! It sounds so silly, but it's true!

Beth, yes, that is my handwriting (most of the things on that list. My husband and kids contributed as well). I'm kinda goofy like that. If you tried to read my cursive, you couldn't. I've been told it just looks like tiny little circles...

Good job on the pretzels AND 9 weeks of school left... AND with a new baby to boot! You have done an amazing job!!!!