Thursday, December 02, 2010

First, an update

Joseph is eating more, which thrills me to no end. What he is not doing, however, is breastfeeding, and that crushes me.

I know that many babies are fed formula -- I was, my oldest was, all my siblings were, etc. I know that babies can thrive and be happy on it. Joseph, however, is used to breastfeeding, can't STAND formula, and doesn't understand why he has to do it this way right now. Mealtimes have now become a horrible experience for him.

Please continue to pray that he gains weight, so he won't have to be hospitalized tomorrow. Please, please also pray that we can get back to breastfeeding. This is breaking my heart.

Next, on a completely different note: Does anyone have a link to the most recent Oprah episode with the Dominican sisters? I saw the one in February, but this latest one... well, I guess I had my dates wrong, because when I turned it on it was DEFINITELY not the Dominicans, and I turned it off.

Anybody? Anybody?


Beth said...

Praying! The Oprah episode was called astonishing weddings.

Beth said...

Praying! The Oprah episode was called astonishing weddings.

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

I think that this clip is part of the new episode. She did interview some of the sisters afterward, but I can't find that part. Let me know if you do!

Amber said...

Oh no! I'll definitely be praying for your little guy. I hope this gets figured out soon!!

Ouiz said...

Thank you for all the continued prayers!

Jen and Beth, thank you for the pointers to the Oprah show! I hate that I missed it, and I'm hoping that I can find the whole episode out there SOMEWHERE! I kept searching for Dominicans and Oprah, and could only find one snippet of that show.

Casey said...

I know a lady who had to have surgery after having a baby and lost her milk supply but still wished to breastfeed. She tried inducing lactation and while she did she used this tube type system to feed the baby formula while it was nursing. it's a little tub (really thin) that is taped to your chest, so that while the baby is suckling the tube is supplying formula. It worked until she got her milk back and the baby had no problems with nursing. I'm not sure what the system is called but someone involved with Le Leche League might know. I'll do a Google search. It's an option. Also if it's supply that's an issue you can take fenugreek (it's a natural supplement) to help build supply, I had to take it with Allyson. The only side effects are that it can lower blood sugar so you have to make sure you eat regularly and it makes you smell of maple syrup. That sounds nice and the first few days you're "mmm Pancakes" but after about a month it's "geez pancakes" ha ha ha Good luck, and I'll be saying prayers for you and the little guy

Casey said...

Aha, I found it. It's called a supplemental nursing system. Medela makes them as well as a few other companies. Hope that might help some if he's having a hard time bottle feeding it might be worth looking into, then he gets the best of both. The formula the doctor is recommending as well as your milk with antibodies and such.

Ouiz said...

Casey, THANK YOU for letting me know about fenugreek and the low blood sugar bit! I already have problems with low blood sugar, so it was important to know that before I started taking it -- THANK YOU!!!

You know, you are the 3rd or 4th person to tell me that it makes you smell like maple syrup, so it must REALLY smell strong! My kids would love it, but since I'm not a pancake fan to begin with, I'd probably be gagging within an hour or so! *grin*

I talked to a lactation consultant this afternoon. She said it's going to be an uphill battle, but it's not impossible.

Thank you again, Casey!!