Tuesday, June 29, 2010

All those who think I'm nesting, please raise your hand...

6 kids homeschooled. Check.
3 batches of wheat (approx. 36 cups) ground. Check.
3 pie crusts made from scratch. Check.
3 squash quiches made. Check.
2 regular loaves of bread made. Check.
4 loaves of banana bread made.Check.
1 batch of gingersnaps made.Check.
All the baby clothes I received at the baby shower washed, dried, folded, and put away.Check.

One pooped pregnant mom who is running on about 4 hours of sleep.Check.


Mum2eight said...

oh boy Ouiz. Have a big rest now before labour starts.

Casey said...

::Raises hand:: WOW...and I'm finding it hard to find the energy to fold some laundry that needs folding today....wow.

Ouiz said...

Trust me -- it's nothing but pregnancy hormones!