Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yesterday was a fluke

I assure you! I do not normally rush around like a madwoman, accomplishing a ton of things. It was a sudden burst of pregnancy hormones that drove me all day yesterday.

In my defense, however, I must say that there was a reason to all my scurrying around. I don't buy flour, so any flour I use has to be ground by me. To do this, I have to get the wheat grinder from my neighbor (we both own it, but it "lives" at her house).

This is a pain in the rear end, so I try to do as much as I can at one time, so I only have to get it once a week.

My kids had eaten the two loaves of bread I had made on Monday, so I was stuck having to make more for lunch. I also had a bag of ripe bananas sitting on the counter that were starting to attract tiny little fruit flies, so I was determined to get those bananas used up THAT DAY. Two loaves of regular bread plus the 4 loaves of banana bread were going to take up about a batch and a half of wheat.

THEN, I wanted to fill up the flour canister for any other baking that might be needed. There's another batch. I wanted to give the kids the cookies as a nice treat to start of their homeschooling week, so that was more flour. Finally, I had squash that I had bought at the farmers' market a week ago because I wanted some quiche, and I was afraid if I put it off any longer, they would go bad. That was the last 1/2 batch of flour.

And there you have it. The perfect storm of things needing to be made... should be made for my kids... and all the grinding that had to accompany that.

By 9:00 pm, I was a crying mess, complaining to my dh that there was no way I could get everything done before the baby gets here. Pretty typical behavior for me 3 weeks before the baby arrives.

Today was much more normal. We homeschooled, everyone made their own lunch, and then I spent the afternoon cleaning and doing homeschooling paperwork (I hadn't written down anything in my planner for three days, so I had quite a bit of catching up to do). I still have a load of laundry sitting on my bed that, alas, will probably be dumped into the laundry basket and conquered tomorrow. It messes with my chi horribly to do that, but I've gotta be realistic. It just ain't happenin' this evening.

Before the three weeks are up I'll probably go on another rampage, deciding to paint something... or throw away everything that I deem to be clutter... or rip up the carpet that has driven me nuts for years. Who knows?

Anyone have any fun nesting stories they'd like to share?


Abigail said...

I'm sending you a huge hug from Washington D.C. I took your advice to get each kid their own home school notebook WITH a pencil inside. I let my kids decorate their notebook with stickers. Such a simple idea.

My oldest daughter (a 2nd grader) has flipped out over this new idea. She went from someone who HATED copy work, to someone who voluntarily gets dressed, brushes her teeth and gets started on her writing homework at 6:45 AM! It is now insanely easy to teach her reading and writing this summer.

You've sent me the perfect baby shower gift via the web. Thanks for letting the Holy Spirit work through you. Your family is a bright light in our Catholic church!


Abigail's Alcove

Ouiz said...

Oh Abigail, thank you so much! What a wonderful comment!

I'm so glad that the binder has worked for your daughter as well. I know that my kids get so excited every year over setting their binders up... just like I used to when my mom would take us shopping for school supplies. I would ooh and ahh over every binder and notebook, and I couldn't WAIT for school to start after that. Giving our kids that same experience seems to give them the same excitement!

God bless you and your beautiful family!