Monday, June 28, 2010

So, how did it go?

Let me tell you, my kids were eager for school this morning.

In fact, Kathryn lit CANDLES and placed them on the dining room table (our homeschooling area), and everyone was sitting down ready at 8:15 this morning! (we normally don't start 'til 9:00 am, but we got going earlier today, obviously).

I couldn't have asked for a better start. Thank You, Jesus!

I think the work will take a little getting used to... especially for Sean. This 7th grade syllabus does ask quite a bit from him, and I need to remember that and extend some grace. If they really do their absolute best, then I can better judge if something is too much for them, or simply a matter of not wanting to do the work.

Still, I think they did an amazing job. Marie was so excited about her first day of kindergarten, and we jumped right in where we had left off with Teaching Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. My other children went through this book earlier, but for some reason Marie just didn't seem to be as eager to read as the others were, so I tried not to take it personally and backed off earlier this year (I have to remember that she is only 4 years old, and her not reading at this stage is NOT a sign of colossal failure). Her biggest problem seems to be not catching on to the whole concept of rhyming, which is a complete mystery to me. She loves poetry and can recite it just fine, but when asked to come up with words that rhyme, she seems stumped. We've made progress -- I play rhyming games with her when she helps me in the kitchen, and she really enjoys it. She's catching on... slowly... but since this is a new one for me I'm trying to take it slow and see what she needs to me to do in order to teach her well.

Thomas jumped in right where he left off in Saxon 2 (he's on lesson 88) and was just zipping through adding 3 two-digit numbers. What can I say? The kid just takes to math, and numbers make sense to him intuitively. He also enjoys reading, but only if he can read to me. I have to remember that my time is not my own, and that sitting down and listening while he reads the Magic Tree House books to me is NOT wasted time, but time well invested in the well-being and education of my little guy.

Christopher is an amazing kid who just blows me away with his great attitude. He doesn't get flustered often and tackles every subject equally well. I usually find myself in awe of the way he approaches life. What truly stuns me, however, is his understanding of the Faith at his level. He makes connections and observations that I know I would never, ever have gotten at his age.

Kathryn jumped in just like I thought she would. She tackled everything with enthusiasm, needed little to no help from me, corrected her own mistakes and understood where she went wrong, and went to the next subject. No fuss, no complaints. God bless that child!

Reilly did a really good job as well. She was just as enthusiastic, and seems to handle what is asked of her just fine. As always, she expects to be able to do everything perfectly and crumples a little when she can't, but still, I have great confidence in her ability to get through this year well.

Now, on to day 2!


Casey said...

Wow, congrats. Now flag this post for those days when it's challenging and you think you've gotten nothing done. But hopefully those will be few and far between.

Beth said...

that sounds so awesome! Madeleine is finally catching on to the rhyming after 12 lessons - she had a hard time with that too!

Sounds so fun!

Amber said...

Yay! I'm so glad to hear that things went well. I hope that day 2 goes just as well.

And my kids have a hard time with the rhyming concept - even though we do lots of reading and poetry and such. At this point I am surprised when I see a little person does get the whole rhyming thing quickly.

I hope everyone's sunburns are healing well!

Ouiz said...

Thank you!!!

Casey, I will DEFINITELY mark this as a "read again" on days when I feel like giving up!

Beth and Amber, I'm glad to know that others have experienced this rhyming problem with their children -- I was beginning to worry about her! I guess I just never focused on it before, and it came naturally to the others. She just needs a bit more help, I suppose.

And yes, on Tuesday the boys were FINALLY able to wear shirts again! The sunburns are going away!