Monday, November 16, 2009

He did it again!

You may remember my "experiment" of last week -- trying to keep Sunday work free, and asking God to work it out so that I didn't go crazy from the mess on Sunday, AND that I didn't get too behind on Monday.

He answered that prayer in a wonderful way.

So, this past Saturday evening I asked Him again. We worked hard all day Saturday -- shopping, cleaning, raking, etc etc etc in an honest attempt to get all the weekend work done before Sunday. I even emptied out the dishwasher Saturday evening so that we would wake up with a clean slate, ready to start the day and get ready for Mass.


Sunday went so smoothly it was amazing. In fact, the only "work" I had to do was empty out the dishwasher as I was finishing up cooking supper. I was able to chill... not get upset with family members for lounging around when there was stuff to do... take a nap... take an amazing walk in the afternoon. Wow. It was wonderful!

So, what about Monday?

I thought it was starting off rather badly. I had forgotten about a morning concert that we were supposed to attend, which threw the whole morning off. Thankfully, one of my dear, dear, wonderful friends graciously offered to watch my little one so that we could actually GO to this concert (did I mention she also has an active 2-yr old? And a 3-month old? Yeah, she rocks). Then, she further blessed us by somehow managing to feed us all afterwards...

...which brought us home at 1:00 pm, with still no homeschooling done.

The kids (mostly cheerfully) got started, and continued on throughout the afternoon. We babysat another friend for about an hour and a half, and then we left at 5:00 pm to take our RUN.

Yes, for the second school day IN A ROW, the Wanna Be and I managed to get our kids out for a run. I'm not sure how long (distance-wise) our run/walk really is, but when you're dealing with two-year olds and four-year olds who need carrying/tending when they fall down/etc etc etc, it's long enough.

We got home at 6:00 pm, managed to get the house clean in TEN minutes, and then sat down for a late supper.

The whole point of all this is to say that throughout this hectic day, laundry was still done (in fact, I'm right on schedule), homeschooling was finished, meals were made, and the house took no time at all to clean up.

I was NOT behind at all today. It was another blessed Monday!

I can't even begin to claim, "I've discovered the secret of the universe! Just don't work on Sunday and God magically makes your Monday a dream come true!"... but I can say that, with this very small set of data points, it feels a bit like when you first start tithing, and somehow God makes the amount you have left work... better. I won't say time has slowed down, but it seems like I'm able to get all the things done that need to be done, even when normal chaos erupts.

I hope you had a wonderful Monday as well!


Rebekka said...

This is so great! Hurray for God!

Malia said...

Okay, you're inspiring me again. I'm very familiar with just how well He makes the tithing work, so I'm sure he can make all of my weekend work doable on Saturday and leave me calm and somewhat organized on Monday morning. Think I'll give it a whirl...