Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ah, but will she rest on Sunday?

That's the goal, people... it's the goal.

All that planning last night paid off. I was able to take two of my kids with me (Reilly and Christopher) for a day o' shopping. Ten stores and 4+ hours later, Reilly said, "Mom, I'm never, ever going to ask what's taking you so long at the store again."

Yes indeed, I outshopped her!

I spent more than I wanted to, but I have STOCKED UP on so many things I think we can safely live through a several week-long blizzard... not that that's going to happen, mind you, in upstate South Carolina, but it feels good to know that if it did, we'd be prepared.

As long as the power stayed on, that is.

But, if it went off, we'd just cart all the perishables out in the snow, and we'd be golden.... couldn't heat up anything in the kitchen, but hey! at least nothing would go bad, and we'd fire up the grill and get creative with food prep.

After we got home, it was an afternoon of serious work. The kids worked on getting the back yard raked while dh worked on the new homeschooling room and I worked my tail off getting laundry done and the whole house clean.

I'm pooped. I'm seriously pooped.

After a nice, long bath, however, and a relaxing drink (French connection... 2 parts brandy to 1 part amaretto. Total yum!), I am thrilled to say that I am done for the day.  For the next 24 hours (barring a sudden vomit episode that will throw the house house into a panic), I will attempt to do nothing more than focus on lots of God, lots of family, and lots of rest.

Let's see how tomorrow goes, and how Monday works for me as well!

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