Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sabbath Rest, part 2

Subtitled: You can do almost anything in a skirt! *grin*

But we'll get to that later.

I'm getting some great responses in the comment box for my last posting! Thank you!

So, I went to bed on Saturday night, laying out all my problems to the Lord with this whole Sunday rest thing. I had recently read... what was it... the messages from La Sallette?... that spoke about Jesus being angry that people were working on Sunday and not honoring it as a holy day.

That's what prompted this to begin with.

I believed that Sunday was to be a special day, of course, but some of the little details were bothering me -- how much is too much? At what point do I cross the line into "working"?

I asked Him to show me how to deal with ALL of the stuff that had been left undone on Saturday, to make Sunday a day of rest that would please Him, and to help me not get swamped on Monday.

Here are the answers I received.

After Mass on Sunday, we went home and had our usual doughnuts/tea/coffee break. We emptied out the dishwasher, and then it was time for me to take Christopher to Sunday School. When I got back (right around lunchtime), I found dh in the kitchen, packing lunches for everyone. Seems they took a vote while I was gone and decided a picnic and hike was the plan for the day. I wasn't thrilled with the whole idea, but off we went.

We were gone for hours (God's answer, therefore, was to get me out of the house for the day so I wouldn't be bothered by the mess). When we got home, there was just enough time for me to get supper started (easy roast), and then crash and take a well-deserved nap (exercise does NOT rejuvenate me. It puts me to sleep!). When I got up, I finished up supper preparations and we had a nice, leisurely dinner. That was followed by normal toy pick-up and bedtime for the kids.

By evening (9-ish) I consider Sunday to be over, so I have no qualms about planning out homeschooling for the next day.

So what about Monday, Lord?

Well, the baby got me up early (groan) and so by 7:30 am I had stripped our bed and started work on our laundry. I got the kids working on the most pressing jobs (dishwasher, sweeping, and bathrooms), and sat down at 9 to start homeschooling, feeling pretty good that the day had gotten off to a good start.

At 10, a change in plans brought us 4 more children to spend the day with us.

Sounds like a disaster, right?

It wasn't. It was an answer to prayer.

I had been given a free casserole from a church function a few weeks ago which had been sitting in my freezer. Lunch problem solved. I spent prep time making (store-bought) cookies instead for the kids.

After homeschooling, I had kids running inside and out, making huge messes, but somehow all of it got cleaned up. With so many eyes watching everyone else, I had the time I needed to get the laundry "through the system," and to catch up on more weekend stuff.

A call from a friend with news of rain on Tuesday prompted a serious yard blitz. I got all the kids outside with rakes and together we cleared the front yard in very little time. I got up on the roof to blow leaves out of the gutter before the promised rains came (and as I'm writing right now, there is a nice, steady rain coming down.)

When my friend came to pick up her kids, she directed them to do a massive toy pick up in the house while I swept the entire place.

Final results? My Monday, which I feared would be a disaster, instead found me:

--ahead of the game on laundry
--ahead in bathroom cleaning (I even washed the bathmats and shower curtains!!!)
--right where I was supposed to be with homeschooling
--ahead of the game in terms of food prep/meals (I ground wheat berries, too!)
--ahead in deep-cleaning/straightening up
--and WAY ahead in yard work (I blew leaves out of the gutter!)

And all of this was done by 6:00 pm.

I'm sitting in a clean house, no longer feeling grit under my feet, feeling pretty darn happy that I only have a little bit of laundry to do for the day. Our homeschool plans are in place, I wouldn't be embarrassed to have unexpected company, and lunch today is already in the works (homemade chicken soup for a cold, rainy day)

I'd say the Lord took care of the Monday stress!


Rebekka said...


Maybe it's like what they say about charitable giving? If you do what God wants, he makes sure it works out. ;-)

Ouiz said...

The phrase "you can't outgive God" kept going through my head, actually, all Monday long!