Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not that anyone will care, but...

...THIS is a coat closet. An item never before seen here at Chez Ouiz.

And here it is, all filled up and ready for use! Whoo hoo!

Many, many, many thanks to my dear f-i-l, who built this this past weekend while dh was busy working on the desks.

I know you have some questions, so I'll try to answer them here.

1. Where were all these coats before?
Hmmm. Before my husband put a rod next to the back door, these were all in a rubbermaid tote.

On my floor.

All winter long.

(Ooh. You can imagine how much I liked that!) After several years, I couldn't take it anymore and dh built a small rod/shelf thing by the back door. Problem was (a) it had to be small based on location and therefore (b) coats were crammed on there every which way and often knocked off the hangers onto the floor and (c) it was out in the open, which made for some horrific visual clutter.

2. Do you honestly think it's going to stay looking like this?
Knowing my children, I'd have to say no. However, I have already given them "the speech" this morning -- this is where things go, this is the direction they are to be hung (yes, I am particular enough to make this a rule!) and woe to anyone who messes this up.

We'll see how that goes!

Meanwhile, the "great shift" continues over here. Things that had no home before are now, thanks to new spaces opening up, finding a quiet place to call their own.

Take those games on the top shelf (in the picture above) for example. Those have been living underneath my couch for 12 years. Thanks to this handy little shelf, they can now sit happily above the dust bunnies and enjoy life.... and now I can sweep the living room much easier, now that I don't have to pull these things out everytime I'm cleaning under the couch.

It may be a bit goofy to be posting all these home improvement items, but it really is a way of thanking the Lord for His mercy. He has heard my cries for help for 12 years now, and here is just some of the wonderful ways He is answering the prayers of this frustrated mama!

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Suburban Cowgirl said...

I think the photo of the new coat closet is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!