Sunday, August 31, 2008

Life in a Catholic home

Overheard at the kitchen table this morning:

Sean to Christopher:
I've got lasers that can shoot through any armor! You can't escape!

No... I'm St. Martin de Porres and all I have to do is touch him and he'll be healed again!

[while this book doesn't necessarily have lasers in it, it has obviously been quite useful in teaching the kids about St. Martin de Porres!]

And isn't that part of the reason we all chose to homeschool? So that we could pass on the Faith to our children? I love that it's defining who they are, and seeping down even into their imaginations.

Here's another bit I wanted to share. I've had it by my computer for weeks now, and this seems as good a time as any to share it. This is what Christopher sat down and wrote at the kitchen table one day (I'd take a picture of it, but then I'd be sharing their real names....)

"I love Thomas from Christopher.
Wot I love obawt (about) Thomas
He is a grat (great)
I love him olot (a lot)
bot (but) mi favrit (my favorite) prt obowt (part about) Thomas is himself."

THAT thrills my heart!

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Alice Gunther said...

So beautiful! Great work, Christopher!!!