Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Last hurrah at the pool

Ah, the end of summer.

Our local pool closes tomorrow, so this was the last time (wow...that sounds so final, doesn't it?) that the kids were going to be able to go. Thanks to my friend Sheila -- who rearranged her schedule to accommodate a pool trip -- we were able to spend the afternoon doing what they love best: SWIMMING!

Here are some pictures that Sheila took of their day at the pool.

Getting a snack before we head back into the water!

Look at this sweet little face! How she possibly EVER be fussy? (don't let her fool you! She is awfully cute, though... it covers a multitude of sins)

Sheila's goal in taking the kids to the pool once a week -- other than spending time with them -- was so that they would be comfortable around the water. Thanks to her, look what they can do now!

On the last day, Reilly learned how to dive...

... thanks to my friend Paul (seen here teaching Sean how to dive as well). Some things just can't be taught by parents, it seems.

Another first! Thomas got up his courage and actually (gasp!) got into the big pool! (If only you knew what an amazing feat this actually is! The first year, he refused to touch the water. This year, he finally worked up courage for the kiddie pool and TODAY, he got in the big pool! Way to go, Thomas!)

Kathryn learned how to swim this year...

...and so did Christopher (both of them swim like fish underwater now)

She labeled this one "making it look easy" but truly, I am able to do things like this... and mothering in general... with the help of lots of friends who lighten the load and make this journey fun!

Thank you, Sheila, for another great summer at the pool!!!


Lisa said...

They're all sweet faces! What a fun day to end the summer on. &:o)

Barbara said...

Ouiz, thanks for your "evermore" comment. Although we don't know each other IRL, I'm enjoying reading your blog. And my cousin assures me that I would really like you if we met. I got a kick out of seeing her pictured with your birthday celebration friends.