Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I knew I was challenged

Geography is one of my worst subjects, and this shows it:

My brother could name 62... how about you?

If that's too hard, how about this one?

Still sad. Many of the colors I typed in it didn't "recognize," so I want it stated that I DO know more colors than that! (do you not consider "cranberry" to be a color? I do...)


spanishcatholic said...

Seriously, cranberry is definitely a color. As is "eggshell"--or at least it is at the hardware store, if not in this application.

Malia said...

Alright, Ouiz. I scored 53 on the geography (HA!), but a paltry 36 on the colors, and that was with a little help from a kid. Part of my problem was that I couldn't spell some of the colors like "Fuchsia" and "Chartreuse". And I thought I was a pretty good speller. I still think "Fuchsia" just looks so terribly wrong...

Maybe there should be a quiz on how many weird (read "French") words can you spell?

I would have done a little better on the geography if a) I could type faster and b) I could spell "Bhutan" under pressure.

Malia said...

Me again. Bad news. I only have a 43 percent chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse. But at least I could describe what colors they were. Unless they were fuchsia.

But at least I would feel well-protected. My son could take on 18 five-year olds in a fight. Maybe that's equivalent to a few zombies.

Ouiz said...

That is way too funny at 1:00 am! (I don't know how I'd fare at surviving a zombie apocalypse, but I'm sure it wouldn't be good).

Spanish Catholic, THANK YOU for agreeing with me! I knew I wasn't crazy! Cranberry IS a color, darn it!

ThG said...

"Burnt Sienna" is a color isn't it?