Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope all of you had a blessed and joyous Easter!

We had a great time. Mass was a little bit earlier this Sunday, but thanks to my dh and his amazing ability to get up (and get us going as well) we were able to make it to the 7:45 AM Mass.

Afterwards, it was time for the traditional Easter egg hunt. My dh is in charge of this every year, and he really does a fantastic job. He did a small one for Marie, a hunt (with clues tucked inside each egg) for Christopher and Thomas, and an amazingly difficult one for Sean, Reilly, and Kathryn. (I knew they were in for a rough one when my husband asked, "What Latin vocabulary do they know?" "What poems have they memorized?" and "What constellations have they studied?") They stuck with it, however, and were able to find all the eggs with the help of each other, paper and pencil, a compass, a measuring tape, and a shovel (don't ask...)

Supper this evening was a HUGE blessing for us. A wonderful friend of mine (Kathryn's Godmother) called me a few days ago saying that she wanted to bless us by buying a leg of lamb for our dinner this year (she remembered our conversation last year, in which I told her that I liked to serve lamb at Easter, but it was rather expensive) It was AMAZING! God bless you, Sheila!

And you know, it was just another thing that God used to remind me that He really does know what we need (as well as what we like) and takes care of us. I have been struck by that so much this past week... as I've been dealing with my "funk"... as I've gone through this house and noticed how much has been given to us. In one HUGE example, I'll mention this: kids' clothes. God has so faithfully provided for us (through our friends) that I pretty much stick to buying underwear and socks. That's it. Everything else -- dresses, suits, shoes, gym clothes, boots for Kathryn's horseriding lessons -- has been given to us. It's hard to moan and groan about His "lack of provision" for us when I've got my kids running around in front of me wearing clothes I didn't buy!

So, I guess this is my reminder to quit griping, start trusting, and move on!

Anyway, it's good to be back. I am hoping to return to a somewhat more "normal" blogging routine now that Lent is over!

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Beth said...

Great to have you back to normal! :)

We have hardly bought a THING for Madeleine. All her clothes, toys, gear, strollers, crib, etc have been given to us. God (and our friends) are amazing :)

I was saying the other day that I want to have another girl next b/c we would not have to buy ANY clothes :)