Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Carnival of Everyday Skirts/Dresses

Those who know me know that I wear skirts and dresses most of the time. I am not militant about it -- I let my daughters wear capris, and I'm certainly not going to start some sort of "every woman should wear skirts" sort of campaign. If you are interested in my "skirt story," you can see what I posted a year ago on this issue.

I am always excited to read about others who have come to the same conclusion that I have... if nothing else, to feel not quite so alone!

That said, I'm so sad because I completely forgot that Suzanne over at Gladdest Hours was going to have a carnival on skirts! She even emailed me with the date, and I just totally forgot.

Oh well.

I hope you will make it over there and see what a fantastic job she did putting this carnival together!


Kristen Laurence said...

I think it's wonderful that many women wear only skirts, but I truly appreciate when they don't push it on other Catholic moms, making it a moral issue.

Some of us are called to bring our families to heaven, and that is no small task. Some of us feel called to bring others to God, and sometimes (as in the case here in southern California) this will only work if we look more "normal" if you know what I mean. Not immodest, not super trendy, just respectable by cultural standards.

Does this make sense?? I love it when I see a beautiful mother wearing only skirts. But based on a particular calling I feel, my location of residence, and experiences in the past of bringing friends to the Church, jeans and capris as well as skirts are for me. :)

SuzanneG said...

Thanks for linking! SOME DAY I want to see some of those skirts and dresses of yours. It's like sitting on someone's bed while they show you some new clothes!