Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cute break!

Marie didn't want to take this headband off, and she was having such a good time running around with us that I had to take her picture!

(let it be noted, however, lest you think my house is always this trashed, that this was just a few minutes before nighttime clean up... so you'll need to cut me some slack on this one!)

When you see Marie, you see pretty much how I looked when I was her age. (Mom and Dad, I thought you'd especially like to see these!)

Finally, everyone take a moment to blow up the first picture. See my sweet husband's eyes? See Marie's? EVERY one of my kids have eyes this blue. Every last one of them.

My eyes are brown.

How is it I couldn't cough up a dominant gene to save my life?

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE their eye color, but is it not just a tad bit strange that they ALL got his eyes? And skin color? (I'm much more olive-y) And hair color? I mean, I *know* I'm their Mom... I was there for the birth... but wow...


Beth said...

She has beautiful eyes! Maybe this kid;s eyes will be brown...seventh's the charm!

Matilda said...

Out of the four I have so far, one of them has my eyes. "Brown like chocolate" is what we call them. One has hazel and the other two are green. I was always told "Brown eyes are dominate." in high school biology. was a public school.