Monday, September 04, 2006

My sister

Three cheers for my sister, who drove down 12 hours to attend a sci-fi convention, and made the extra trip to come and visit us. Special thanks to her boyfriend (for doing the driving) and her friends, who are always great to visit with.

I prayed for YEARS to have a sister, and finally, at age 14, I got one. I was so thrilled! Unfortunately, I left to go to college when she was almost 5, and I never got much of a chance to really BE a sister to her. I've been so thrilled to watch her grow up--even if it has been long distance--and I love her dearly. She's a great aunt to my kids and she takes pity on her sister, who can't really "pack up for a road trip" all that well, and comes to visit me whenever she can.

Did I mention that I love her dearly? I really do.

And yes, she really is that beautiful... and even more so. (it's tough to compare myself to a 25-year old! sheesh....)

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