Monday, September 04, 2006

Breakfast for tomorrow.

It's 10:30 pm... do you know what your breakfast for tomorrow will be?

No. I'm serious.

Do you, like Michael Scott (from The Office) just enjoy the smell of fresh-cooked bacon in the morning?

Or are you, like me, a less-than-cheerful early riser?

How happy would you be to wake up tomorrow morning to the knowledge that you have a breakfast casserole waiting for you in the refrigerator?

No cereal... no oatmeal... no toast... just a wonderful, warm, breakfast casserole to feast upon (for us here in the South, or those who should have never left the South -- yeah, I'm talking to you, suburban cowgirl! -- that should be accompanied with a great big bowl of grits).

C'mon... you know you've got the makings for it in your refrigerator! Take the few minutes to make it now, and your stomach will thank you for it in the morning.


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