Thursday, August 17, 2006

Snack time!

Surely we can't be the only weird family out there! Please tell me we're not (and stop calling me Shirley...)

So, what passes for a great snack here at Chez Ouiz?
Frozen peas.

I kid you not.

Nothing will bring my kids running to the kitchen faster than me announcing, "hey guys! Who wants some frozen peas?"

We're twisted.

We don't just have a handful, either. My kids go through an ENTIRE one-pound bag. As a snack.

I look at my kids and think, this can't be normal. My kids did NOT just drop all their toys and come running for this.

But they did.

I give you photographic proof:

Now, frozen broccoli will also make them come running, but they don't get that sort of snack nearly as often... because, you see, you have to buy just the florets. Otherwise, those huge stalks are mighty difficult to chew...


Wonder_Twin said...

Do they eat them frozen? Non-cooked? Frosty? Tepid once left out for an hour?

You did raise an army of weirdos. kids do that too.

meredith said...

You're definately not weird, my gang loves frozen corn with a passion, even the baby!! If they are eating veggies, the form they come in isn't an issue, eh!

Ouiz said...

Wonder twin, you are related to this "army of weirdos," so watch out!

(for anyone curious, Wonder Twin is one of my brothers... the cute one... )

Ouiz said...


My thoughts exactly! At first I balked at the whole "frozen vegetable as a snack" idea and then it slowly dawned on me that I needed to roll with this... that they were consuming a whole lot of vegetables this way, and I needed to thank God and keep going!

Lynne said...

My daughter (a 15 year-old) has loved frozen peas for a long time too!