Thursday, August 17, 2006


Thanks to the recommendation by Dawn at By Sun and Candlelight, I bought HYMNS by Beth Nielson Chapman. A very worthwhile purchase! The parish that I belong to sings quite a bit of (cough cough) Haugen and Haas songs, so this (and the few Gregorian chant CDs we have) is the only chance my children have to hear traditional Catholic hymns. I won't launch into my tirade. Just trust me that this is one of those points that really set me off.

I got my latest FAITH AND FAMILY magazine in the mail yesterday, and there is a review of Marie Miller's EP. Christianity Today said that she was "one of the top ten independent artists that you should know about". After listening to her album, I can see that the praise is well deserved. Go visit her website and listen to her album! She is an amazing 16 year old!

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