Monday, November 08, 2010


Note to self:

Never, EVER go clothes shopping 3 months post-partum.

I am so depressed.


Beth said...

Yeah I hear ya. I had to buy a bathing suit the summer after I had m. Blocked that whole experience out of my mind!!!

Ouiz said...

Ooooh. Buying a bathing suit would be even worse. I won't be doing that for quite some time!

The sad thing is, pregnancy weight doesn't come off quite so easily at 43. I was warned, but now that I'm living it, ewwwwww. It's not pretty. *grin*

Suburban Cowgirl said...

Love ya Ouiz! You KNOW it gets better - but like you said - it's not the same as it was!

Ouiz said...

I'm just wondering who this frumpy chick is who keeps looking back at me in the mirror! I feel like I'm a teenager, but ewwww... the mirror is telling me a completely different story.

Hope T. said...

Remember the saying: nine months to put on the weight, nine months to take it off.

I also tried to remind myself that I needed the extra fat to feed my baby well.

Ouiz said...

Hope, you're right... although with this baby, I'm not sure my body will ever return to normal! I'm asking the Lord what I need to do to get back to what I consider to be a healthy, normal level.