Monday, August 09, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

At 1:00 am it's officially Monday, but since I haven't gone to sleep yet, I consider this still part of the weekend. Joseph is giving me a rare moment without him, so I'm taking advantage of it and blogging!

1. I was going to write about the wonderful time I had with Grace and Marie on Friday. I felt like they had been left out somewhat during this time of transition with the new baby, and I wanted to do something extra special with them. We sat on my bed and went through my jewelry box and had a blast.

It would have been a nice thing to post about, except that Grace managed to get an earring backing stuck in her ear. My dh enjoyed 6+ hours in the ER, only to have them turn him away because they didn't have the proper equipment to remove it. I got to spend another hour in the ENT's office, only to be told that whatever liquid the ER folks squirted in there the night before made it impossible for him to see the earring, but it didn't really matter because he would have to put her under before trying to remove it. We get to go back to the hospital and have a little outpatient surgery done. I'm so thrilled.

2. Joseph's all done being alone, so the rest of this will be typed one-handed.

3. Speaking of Joseph, he has a yeast diaper rash from you-know-where. While I'm truly sympathetic to my little guy's plight, I do find it funny that every time I change his diaper, this song runs through my head:

Everyone sing!

4. Tony Orlando was the first album I ever got, followed by Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits. Just thought you'd want to know that.

5. I'm having a horrible time with blogger right now, so I think my list has come to an end.


Malia said...

I'm having trouble understanding why any parent would name their daughter after a yeast infection, but so be it. It certainly gave me a good laugh for the day, so thanks!

On the other hand, I think this song featuring Tony Orlando and Dawn waxing harmonic about a woman named after a fungus will be running through my head for the rest of the day, so thanks for that, too. ;D

Ouiz said...

I thank you, my friend, for sharing my sense of humor! My family thought it was funny and has been singing the song with gusto all day long!