Tuesday, August 10, 2010



1. Not many people read my blog
2. Not many people share my sense of humor, or
3. Not many people realize that CANDIDA is the scientific name for a yeast infection.

Oh well! I can say that we've had an awful lot of fun singing "Candida" these past few days! I hope those of you who clicked on the link have had fun remembering the good old days of Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Although... and I hate to admit it... I *did* choke up terribly when I tried to explain the meaning of "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree." I'm such a emotional softie!

On a completely different note, I am THRILLED to report that God was merciful and the bead is out of Grace's ear! They say "fools rush in where angels fear to tread," but in this case courageous pediatricians jump in where "experts" call for caution. After two nurse practitioners, an ER doctor, and an ENT refused (or claimed to be unable to) remove said bead, our beloved pediatrician took one look and said, "you know, I've got a pretty good track record with this sort of thing. Let's get her on the table and give it a try." Two quick swipes and it was OUT! Oh, I was praising God and the doctor and crying my eyes out. It's been a stressful two and half weeks (to say the least!) and this whole bead incident had pushed me completely over the edge. Thank You, Jesus, for Your mercy!!!

I have said that I would make that bead into a necklace and make Grace wear it like an albatross around her neck, but I was only joking... somewhat. I would like her to be a poster child for ear-related mishaps, and have her hold it up and say, "Dis is what you should NEVER put in your ear. Ever. It will make your Mommy cry."

OK, I can't believe I just found this, but anyone remember this one:

Tennessee Bird Walk

or one that I've posted here before:

My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died?

Ah, all these childhood memories that make me the messed up interesting person I am today! Feel free to add all the fun songs from your childhood!


Sheila said...

Or 4) the heading of that video only flashed by and I know that I at least missed it until I looked at the post again (after seeing this one) and saw it. I pretty much never watch videos, so I also didn't play it. :)

Ouiz said...

Sheila, touche!

Actually, I thought.. after I went to bed... that #4 should have been "people have better things to do than comment on silly posts about Tony Orlando."

Amber said...

And my thought was, "who on earth is Tony Orlando?" but my curiosity was not strong enough to actually watch the video. :-)

Praise God that your Ped. was able to get the bead out and she didn't have to be put under for outpatient surgery!!

Beth said...

Yeah, who is Tony Orlando?

Or how about 5. People aren't checking your blog as frequently because you JUST HAD A BABY and we figure you're busy. LOL ;)

Sheila said...

Truthfully, the silly posts (by you and everyone else) are sometimes my favorites! You lighten my day!

Ouiz said...

Oh no! Who is Tony Orlando? Oh, my first childhood idol slides into obscurity... (deep sadness)...

I feel old now.

You may remember Tony Orlando and Dawn for their song: "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree." In fact, the ribbons that you see people hang up for soldiers comes, as far as I know, from this song.

Actually, you know what REALLY makes me feel old? The fact that I don't recognize most of the "celebrities" on the covers of the magazines at the check out stands. I see that someone got divorced or broke off an engagement, and I just think, "Who is this person?"

Oh well. It had to happen sometime!

CD said...

Who is Tony Orlando??? You have officially become old in one sentence, Ouiz... ;-)

I found the video to be a hoot!