Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up... on Monday

I think I get a free pass on this... I've been holding a baby pretty much non-stop for days! (he will NOT sleep if I put him down. I'm not kidding.)

1. Joseph was baptized last week!

We are so blessed to have good friends (M&B) be the Godparents of Joseph. With them in his corner, he's got no choice but to be a faithful Catholic his entire life! Their children are the cute, cute kids on the left. The child in front of my husband is not mine, but has often tried to stowaway in our van and declare herself to be one of us! (we love her and believe me, she's got a great REAL family as well!) Thankfully, my parents (in back) were able to be there as well -- thank you, Mom and Dad!

And here's my friend Malia, who graciously agreed to be the Christian witness. I know she'll be faithfully praying me through all of Joseph's childhood!

I haven't wanted to wash his head because he STILL smells like the chrism oil...... mmmmmm.

2. His baptism was one of the few times that he was sweet and quiet. (Can I say that and still be considered a good mom?) I love him, but he's fussy. Shouldn't the eighth baby be an easy one? I asked that question of number seven, and unfortunately the answer then was "no" as well.

3. Thankfully, he still can be convinced to sleep in one of these....

...which is how we managed to homeschool today. (forgive the shot of me in my pajamas... I was lucky to have a chance to brush my teeth and hair this morning!)

4. I am trying to remember how brief all this really is. Each day (and night) seems like an eternity when holding a crying baby, but in reality it is so, so short. It wasn't so long ago that I was pregnant with Reilly (#2), trying to console a fussy Sean (#1), and crying out to God for a break. Now those kids are 11 and 12. Where did all that time go?

5. My husband, God bless him, knowing how much I need a break, has bravely watched him for HOURS while I shop on Saturdays. I've been given the precious gift of time away from home so I can sit in the chapel for awhile... get a coffee.... and do my usual grocery store runs so I can feel somewhat human and normal again.

6. Speaking of feeling normal and human again, thanks to EVERYONE taking turns and passing the baby around, I was able to sit down and sew over the weekend. My one goal since coming home from the hospital (crafting goal, that is) was to make a new baby bag. The old one was ripped and for some reason the hospital didn't give out new ones this time around!  I went through my fabric stash and come across two yards of fabric that I had bought earlier this year. (I have this bad habit of buying fabric and then "saving" it because I like it so much, which means it never gets used!) Over the past several weeks (since I've basically done nothing except sit and nurse a baby!) I mulled over how I was going to sew it together. I knew I wanted a lined bag, and more of a beach bag design (I didn't want to have to deal with putting a zipper in), and less clunky than the other baby bags I've had. After sketching out a pattern on some newspaper, I got to work and a few hours later...

...I finally finished! (I know it's hard to see, but the inside fabric is the striped fabric you see in the top left of the bag). I am so happy to have had the opportunity to get this done!

7. 12:30 am... think I'll be able to get him to go to sleep? (grin)


Clair Bannerman (alias) said...

Oh my goodness - I love that bag!! You did a great job - and the fabric choice was awesome!

Ouiz said...

THANK YOU! I was so excited that I finally got it done!

Amber said...

Hooray for Joseph's Baptism!! The pictures are lovely.

And your bag looks wonderful - beautiful and functional.