Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Where have I been?

I have been holding a screaming baby every night since I wrote last -- nursing him to sleep, and then having to hold him to KEEP him asleep.

He has not been an easy child.

Still, I have good news and bad news on this front:

THE GOOD NEWS: I have found (I think) the cause of all his screaming, and it's easily treatable.
THE BAD NEWS: It requires me to (gulp) give up chocolate.

CHOCOLATE! Why did it have to be chocolate???

With Christopher, I had to give up homemade salsa. It was a sacrifice, to be sure, but I did it for a year. (Of course, he is now my "salsa king," and comes running whenever I make it. Figures!)

With Grace, I had to give up mocha frappucinos. Again, that was rough, but I was able to substitute a vanilla one instead with no ill effects. It was my weekly treat, but I dealt with it.

But chocolate?

Around here, that's "Mommy's little helper." I grab a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips out of the pantry usually twice a day. I look forward to my afternoon break of hot tea and chocolate as my "reward" for a job well done (whatever that is.)

Sigh. And now it's gone.

He has been a completely different kid today (since I've detoxed). He actually slept all morning long, which enabled us to homeschool without the added fuss factor. It was amazing! The added plus was that he slept IN HIS CRIB, so I wasn't carrying him around the whole time. After almost 6 weeks of constant holding, THAT is a major breakthrough!

If I am correct and it was the chocolate that was causing all the problems, then there's no doubt that I'll just have to suck it up like a brave little soldier and deal with it.... and try to forget that I've got the most amazing chocolate cheesecake in the freezer that I'd be willing to tackle someone for.

I realize that this is not really "suffering" and truly, I'm thankful he's healthy... but dang... it had to be chocolate...


Beth said...

That's what I said about Madeleine and dairy - Please God don't let it be dairy - it's in EVERYTHING! It was! And I gave it up for a year. And it wasn't so bad ;)

Ouiz said...

See? I know it's not "real" suffering, but dang... this hit where it really hurts! *grin*

I had forgotten all about your dairy issues, but yeah, you did have to give it up for a LOOONNNGGG time. Ugh.

As I was changing him just a few minutes ago, I had the awful thought, "what if it were wheat instead?" I am passionate about cooking and making everything from scratch, and part of that is grinding the wheat myself. If I had to give that up, I'm not sure what I would do.

So, chocolate it is! (and thanking God it's not dairy!... at least, not that I know of...)

LOVED the pictures of your son at the picnic... great necklace! They are both growing up soooo fast!

Julie D. said...

Way to skip some Purgatory time by sacrificing through love for another! :-)

Now, if you make that sacrifice do double-duty, you will be super efficient ... by offering it up.

Yes, I'm crying inside for you ... just also being annoying by pointing out what you already know! :-D

Ouiz said...

Thank you, Julie!

Yeah, I've offered it up, but deep down I feel like God was saying with a smile, "One way or another, babe, I'm gonna get you to start eating healthier.."

I plan on reminding Joseph of the "great sacrifice" I made for him when he gets older (LOL). Others can tell horror stories of 3 solid days of labor, but I--I can tell of a heroic year-long sacrifice of chocolate. Oh, the odes that shall be composed in my honor....

Julie D. said...

Yes, and he shall sing them to his children and his children's children ... just as Hannah smiles and says she will do when we tell her of the six month's of colic she had and oh, so many other horrible sufferings we had when nurturing our first baby (sleeping only 3 hours at a stretch, etc.). :-D

Ouiz said...

Six months of colic?? I think I'd be singing your praises, too!

But... reading on your blog all the joy she brings to your life, I'd have to say all that suffering was more than worth it! *grin*