Saturday, July 10, 2010

Further Shopping Success

This morning I was able to buy:

2 more Cascade gels                            (for $1.91)

3 packs of wooden pencils
3 packs of mechanical pencils
3 packs of Bic pens
1 folder                                                (for $0.14)

6 children's books
(Witch of Blackbird Pond,
a pirate book, The Shakespeare
Stealer, Island of the Blue Dolphin,
and 2 Little Bear Books)                    (gift card. Free.)

and one Frappuccino                          (gift card. Free.)

Grand total                                        $2.05

When money is tight and I start worrying about finances, I need to remember days like these!


Casey said...

That's awesome, there's nothing better than knowing you saved some money. It's almost an "I beat the system" type feeling sometimes HA HA HA. Today I was able to buy just over $100 worth of patterns at the fabric store for a grand total of $10.64. Hancock's fabrics nearby is having a sale on Butterick's patterns, they were 99 cents each and the limit was 10. I bought some cute patterns for a few dresses for Allyson, two patterns for costumes for dress up for the kids (the boys included) as well as a few others. I might even go back tomorrow (alone :) ) and spend a bit more time going through the pattern book and get a few more if it's ok by Adam. Hooray for saving money!!!

Ouiz said...

Exactly! It's the thrill of the hunt combined with an"I beat the system" feeling!

Rather empowering, actually.

Congratulations on your great pattern finds! Now I hope you can find the time to make all the cool clothes you have patterns for!!!