Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I Need Your Feedback!

So here's the scoop:

My little cell phone is dead. Well, not dead, but on it's last legs. I managed to drop it (TWICE) and now everytime I open it to make a call, the two pieces are held together by the cable that links the keyboard to the digital screen.

It's embarrassing, I can't close the phone anymore, and I need to get a new one.

My dh has an iPhone through his work, and while he has some complaints about it, for the most part he is quite happy with it.

I would love one, but have a hard time justifying spending the $20 extra a month just so I can have a fun phone.

The questions I'm asking are:

Do you have an iPhone?
Has it been helpful to have, or just one more gadget?

If not, what phone do you have?
Are you happy with it?
What features have been most important to you?

Help me out here, people!


Cydney said...

Lots of people love them but I'm not sure it is worth all the extra costs and the service seems spotty, around here at least. If someone calls me and I have trouble hearing them and then the phone drops the call... I'm going to assume it was an iPhone.

DH and I just have little flip phones, LG I think. They were BOGO when we changed our home phone number to DH's cell number. He wants and will probably need one with more capabilities when we next 'upgrade' but would most likely look at other 'smart' phones, since we'd have to change providers for an iPhone.

Ouiz said...

Cydney, I've got one of those flip phones... which I've liked, for the most part, except that my provider didn't like to talk to others, and so any pictures my family tried to send me would just be blank! grrrrrrrr.

We've got the right provider for an iPhone, and the reception here is fine.

I can see a lot of great features on it, and I can imagine myself going to all my couponing websites as I'm out shopping!

Ugh. I'm so bad at making decisions like these.

Amber said...

I have an iPod Touch that doesn't leave the house (I, um, don't quite trust myself with it out and about *grin*) but it is a fantastic little device. I read on it, I pray with it, check my email with it, look up stuff on it... it has been great to have. If you do get one, make sure you get iPieta. That app is a gem.

For my cell phone I just have the basic free one from Consumer Cellular. It is a cheap service and a basic phone, but for a cell phone I don't need anything more than that. I just use it in case I'm stuck - I probably only use about 20 minutes a month!

Cydney said...

The Pioneer Woman blog is a big fan of the iPhone, especially for homeschooling. I can see where, if you need or can use the apps and features, it'd be great.

Beth said...

I have a Droid, which is like Verizon's version of the iphone. I LOVE it ;) I use it all the time - recipes, I have a few preschool apps on there that M likes, youtube keeps her busy when we need a few minutes of quiet time (waiting rooms, etc) - quick access to email, etc. Lots of neat stuff.