Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend wrap-up

If someone could kindly direct me to a website where I could learn all I need to know about raising (almost) teenagers, and getting them to clean up after themselves, I would be most appreciative.


Yeah, it's been one of those days. I hit the wall sometime this afternoon, and Reilly got to hear my tales of woe as a "hard-done-by" Mommy who is stuck doing the brunt of the housework while everyone else seems to be oblivious to it. She's a real trouper, though... she managed to get several of the kids working, and she managed to clean the kitchen better than I ever could. Thank  you, sweetie!

Enough of that. I'm sure we all have our housekeeping frustrations.

For GOOD news, however, I have been managing to get a TON of books that I need for our next year's round of homeschooling from eBay and the used books at Amazon. Hallelujah! I have managed to knock approximately $400 off the full retail price of the books I was going to get (so far) and I'm just prowling around these sites like a shark, waiting to strike whenever I see a great deal... so don't bid against me! *grin* Seriously, though, it's been a great blessing to be able to find so many good deals. Unfortunately, our libraries down here don't carry the books that MODG (and others) suggest, and there aren't any other moms that I can borrow these books from, either... so it's buy it or nothing!

I'm finding myself getting more excited about the IDEA of homeschooling again. As these books are starting to come in (is there anything more exciting than UPS or FEDEX pulling up in front of your house?), and I'm plowing through them all, I'm feeling that same excitement I used to get just before school started when I was younger. My mom would take me to buy school supplies, and I would get butterflies in my stomach as I picked out all the new notebooks, pencils, and binders, and thinking about the possibilities of the coming year (OK... so maybe I was a little weird...). My biggest concern (other than failing miserably) is that I won't be able to have the same excitement and enthusiasm for the younger kids that I do for the older ones. It's easy to be excited about what Sean will be doing this coming year, since it's new for me... it's much harder to be excited about going through 100 Easy Lessons for the SIXTH time with Marie, or going through Primary Language Lessons with Christopher, or teaching Thomas American History. These are the kids that I NEED to be focusing on, however. The older kids will have a "sink or swim" sort of year, and I'm fairly confident that after the initial shock period has worn off, they will rise to the challenge admirably. I just need to be able to be fully present and enthusiastic for the younger ones, while nursing a newborn and dealing with a 2 1/2 year old who wants a lot of attention.

Jesus, have mercy!

I'm also excited about the new book study we'll be doing with our group. We'll be going over Consoling the Heart of Jesus, and so far it's been a great book (yeah, I've read ahead many chapters). I love the idea of spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament simply to keep the Lord company... not to ask for things, since being a mom of many I know what it feels like to have demands thrown at me non-stop all day long, but simply to be there because He deserves company. To enjoy being with Him for HIS sake, not for all the requests I need answers to. I hope I can live some of that out.

Hope your weekend has gone well!

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