Monday, March 08, 2010

Where did I go wrong?

Teach our girls to love the small and defenseless? Check.
Try to set a good example for them? Check.
Provide an atmosphere where that sort of spirit can develop? Check.
Buy them baby dolls? Check.

So someone 'splain this to me....

THESE are what my girls carry around... dress up... and nurture. Meet Skelety (held by Marie) and Sparkly (held by Grace). They go everywhere... are cuddled like children... put down for naps... and yes, are even the sleep toy of choice for my little girls.

Please someone... tell me where I went wrong! *grin*


SAHMinIL said...

LOL That's funny!

Suburban Cowgirl said...

Hey, your family watches Dr. Who and pretends to be those robot thingies too. Why are we surprised?

YET, you have the best kids ever!

Casey said...

My daughter slept with a little toy piece of chicken for a month. One of those plastic fried chicken thighs that come in the bulk kitchen toy sets yeah...a month of sleeping with a chicken thigh....

Ouiz said...

Casey, that's so funny! (and something that I would expect around here, so thank you for letting me know that we're not alone!!!)

SCG, thank you... "Ex-ter-mi-ate"

SAHMinIL, thank you for leaving a comment! I'm glad to know others find this funny, too!