Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stickers, anyone?

I've got a silly question to ask...

Anybody know of a great place to buy Catholic stickers on-line? I'm looking for small stickers that I could put in my calendar -- you know, for feast days, baptismal days, and such. I could find clip art on-line and print them out, but the goal here is to find small stickers that I can just slap on and call it done.

I'd love to have plenty of them for our Rosary mornings... baptismal days... and remembrance days (when family members have died). I mark all these things down on my calendar, but being the visual sort of person that I am, a picture truly does work much better for me.

I could easily draw something... and perhaps I will have to... but I'm hoping that someone out there has the perfect place to buy stickers!



CD said... or
but none of the stickers seems to be geared toward calendars.
Also has an assortment of saint stickers.

CD said...

I found another one that has a pretty good selection:

Ouiz said...

CD, THANK YOU! Some of those I had already seen, but the Madonna Shop and Rosary Card sites I had never seen. Some of their sticker pages seemed to have smaller ones which would fit into the blocks on my calendar.

I'm off to order... and possibly make... some stickers!