Sunday, March 14, 2010

Overheard at our house

In the "well, THAT'S good news!" department:

Thomas: You know what, Mommy?
Me: What, sweetie?
Thomas: Even if someone double dared me, I would NEVER jump into a giant food processor.

In the "I don't think she's catching on" department:

Grace: Mommy! My old boo-boo's gone!
Me: See? I told you it would go away! Your body made new skin!
Grace: [crying] Now I need to get a new one!


Malia said...

Too funny! Where did Thomas come up with the idea of a giant food processor? And I'm sure you can tell Grace that another booboo is just around the corner, because that's just part of being a kid.

Ouiz said...

I'm not sure where the food processor thing came out, but seeing as he's the rather talkative sort (like his mom!), I probably missed the first part of that conversation somewhere!

Grace just didn't understand why I WOULDN'T let her have another boo boo. I was just being mean.