Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Many thanks to Julie over at Happy Catholic for linking to this one: Unhappy Hipsters. This is just beautiful! It reminds me of the shock I felt when I first saw Alexis Stewart's home (yes, Martha's daughter) highlighted in a magazine. I had never seen anything so stark, barren, and totally devoid of personal items in my life.

Yes, I know that some people like this sort of style, but whoooo... that just feels cold and sterile to me.

Anyway, enjoy the link!


Malia said...

Oh. My. is right! And just think, for a cool $12 million, that palace of whiteness could be yours!

Ouiz said...

Ugh. It's truly making me thankful that I've got a house filled with all sorts of stuff! Let's hear it for all the messes that children can make! (at least my house looks like someone lives there!)

Goodness. I'd like order over here... you know I would... but come on. That's just scary.

Suburban Cowgirl said...

Reminds me of, um, a sanitorium? Seriously, I like white, but that makes me want to go paint my currently off white bedroom RIGHT NOW! (Let's see, what's on the agenda for today....)

Cydney said...

That site makes me LOL. I'm in the architecture field, so read several magazines with these same photos (presented in all seriousness, of course)... the wit of the captions are great because 'designers' take themselves TOO seriously! My house is messier than it ought to be but I am not a fan of all white/grey/black or the lack of 'life.' I do like 'modern' furniture, though. There's a store/catalog called 'Design within Reach', but most of it isn't 'within' mine!