Friday, January 01, 2010

The Lord's Ever-Present Help

Last night's posting was a bit dark, and I do apologize. Chalk it up to the pregnancy hormones!

Anyway, so I looked at Direction for Our Times this morning to see the message for January, and lo and behold:

Abandon yourself to My providence completely. Serve with discipline in this moment and I will care for your loved ones...Concentrate on remaining in the present, connected to your service in each moment. Avoid being trapped by the past and avoid being drawn into a future on earth which may not include you. You do not know when I will come for you. But I am with you now, as you read these words, and I have work for you today. Look, together with Me, at what I am asking of you and together we will be a successful force for love. I crave love from you. When you trust Me and reject fear, I am delighted. Calm, steady service is what I require from My beloved apostles who seek to serve Me. Be at peace. I am with you.

Words that spoke straight to my spirit this morning -- don't get freaked out over a future that may not include you in it.  My only job right now is to focus on TODAY... which I knew, of course, but I needed a good reminder! Praise the Lord!

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