Saturday, January 02, 2010

Labor of Love

I bought a bag of overripe bananas at the grocery store today. With Kathryn's help we turned that banana stash into....

Four loaves of banana bread (for breakfasts) and banana pudding (for dessert tonight).

Why is this a labor of love?

Because I cannnot STAND the smell or taste of bananas. I won't be eating a bit of this.

But it's a small way I can let my husband know how much I love him. He is one of those rare few who is content to do little acts of kindness without letting anyone know about it (unlike me, who seems to be posting about hers! *ahem*) He amazes me with how he can go through the day, serving in big and small ways, without ever wanting to stand on the table and shout out, "Hey! Somebody better be appreciating all that I'm doing here!" (oh, that is so me I hate to admit it... but there it is... )

So if I can return the favor... even in just a small way... but stomaching the smell of bananas and making all of this, then it was truly worth it indeed.

[Now, I just need to check and see if I can freeze banana bread... otherwise, my family will be eating a ton of bread this week!

OK, I checked. Yes you can. Whew!]


Cydney said...

All I can say is YUM. I hope your DH enjoyed his treats!

I love bananas but prefer them kinda green, I think it was a banana-flavored medicine as a kid that turned me off of the ripe ones. Whenever we end up with at least three that are too ripe, we either feed them to the dogs or make bread! My recipe makes two loaves and we *shouldn't* eat that much of it, so I often bring one loaf to work to share or freeze it.

Casey said...

I have a wonderful recipe for banana muffins that we make with the kids. Fortunately I love them. Every time I've been pregnant the smell of bacon makes me sooo ill. I can't eat it, cook it, smell it, anything.

Just looking at that bread makes me want to make some muffins :)