Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent crafts (from an Advent failure)

Where have I been??? Good grief... I turn around and a week has gone by already! I'm sorry I left such a depressing post up at the top for so long. I had no intention of doing that, and yet with all the inevitable bustling of this season, computer time had to fall by the wayside.

Rest assured that we're doing OK... I'm still functioning (and not falling into despair!)... and, "Advent failure" though I may be, we still find our own family way of celebrating it.

Those who have read this blog for several years may remember these pictures from years past.
One way we mark the season is with our Jesse Tree which we hang on our kitchen door.

I made this several years ago out of posterboard (for the tree) and construction paper (for the individual ornaments) and then covered 'em all with contact paper. The ornaments, of course, are removeable. Each night we do our Bible readings about the "character of the day," and then put the ornament on the tree. The last seven ornaments up at the top are for the "O Antiphons." I know so many creative moms have made O Antiphon houses, but so far this is the best I can come up with.

Another way we celebrate is by hanging our felt Jesse Tree ornaments on our tree.

(You can get a better look at them here) I designed and made these many years ago when Sean was little -- they are almost completely indestructible (never say never, though, right?) and after so many years, they are now treasured ornaments. Go figure!
I am always so inspired whenever I see the incredible crafts that so many moms out there are creating, so I hope this post was fun for you!

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