Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jesse Tree update

So far, so good.

We are using this article from Catholic Culture as the basis for our Jesse Tree activities. I have the kids find the Scripture verses in their Bibles, read it out loud, and then we use some part of it for our copywork for the day.

Later on during the day, we watch the appropriate video from the "In The Beginning" video series that we've borrowed from the parish library (I must admit, it's a bit bizarre to watch the stories of the Bible done in "Japanamation," but so far it's worked for us. There are some parts rather high on the "velveeta quotient scale," but on the whole the series gives us plenty to think about).

Finally, in the evening we talk again about who we have been learning about all day, and the kids take turns putting the appropriate Jesse Tree symbol up.

In years past we have simply talked about the stories as we decorated our Christmas tree with the felt ornaments I made. (and for my dear friend Suburban Cowgirl, I offer these pictures...)

(These ornaments have proven themselves time and time again to be indestructible.)


Cajun Cay said...

Hi there! :)

Those ornaments are precious. :)

suburbancowgirl said...

YEA JONAH!!!!!!!!!!

Katherine said...

You made these ornaments? Wow! They are the best I've seen. Do you have a pattern?

Ouiz said...

Thank you so much!!! Wow... What a sweet thing to say! You just made my night!

I didn't have any patterns. I just sketched out my basic shapes, and then I cut them out of felt and used rough twine for the hangers.

They have gone through at least 7 Christmases by now, and have been yanked off the tree, played with by the cat, chewed on by many a small child, and used as all sorts of weapons and projectiles by the kids.

Felt. The indestructable ornament fabric.

Surprised by Joy said...

These felt ornaments are so great. I think we will make some, thnaks for the inspiration.


Jodi said...

great job on these - our little guy is 2, so don't know that we'll start this tradition this year, but would definitely like to next year, at least - you've provided great inspiration! thanks!

Jen Clark said...

i agree - really awesome!! beautiful ornaments and beautiful tradition in a beautiful family. thanks for sharing!!

Angie said...

These are all so super cute! I really, really need to learn to sew by hand. I just learned to (kind of) sew on a sewing machine, but didn't get taught how to sew by hand. I would love to have some fun with felt. :)

(Not that I couldn't sew it on the machine, of course, but something about little felt things screams, "Hand sew me!")

Stephanie said...

My grandmother made all kinds of ornaments like these 20-30 yrs ago. I inherited all of them and they still hold up great. My tree is full of memories as I'm sure your tree will be too.

Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

Awesome! Jonah and the whale totally crack me up.

sexy said...