Sunday, November 22, 2009

So far, so good!

Another weekend, and another relaxing Sunday! (I know you were wondering, so I decided to report) It may not have been another person's idea of "perfect" -- it was rainy, cold, and gloomy outside, with a flurry of leaves falling off the trees with each gust of wind -- but for me, it was heavenly!

I must admit, Saturday night around here reminds me a bit of Golde rushing around in Fiddler on the Roof ("hurry, children, hurry! The Sabbath is almost here!") as I try to get all of the last minute things (that are going to bug the heck out of me) DONE so I can truly sit back and relax on Sunday. I finished up the last little bit of ironing so the laundry room wouldn't haunt me today... I emptied out the dishwasher before I went to bed so this morning would be as relaxed as possible... and I planned a fairly easy supper so I wouldn't spend a ton of time in the kitchen today.

It all added up to a relaxing Sunday -- all the more remarkable considering that I have several sick kids, and feel like I'm coming down with the same virus they have.

I was able to sit... read... cross-stitch... and even to (gasp!) start scrapbooking for 2009, thank you very much! I'm only 11 months behind on this year's pictures! (I won't begin to tell you how behind I am on all the other years. Let's just say it's pretty bad).

Again, I'm not going to say that all I have to do is do no work on Sunday and I'm promised a day of roses and sunshine. It's more like I'm being rewarded for taking the very first baby steps... *chuckle* or even better, like a child who is just starting to be potty trained. At first, every attempt is greeted with lots of praise and perhaps even M&Ms as a treat. If that child were to talk about the experience with his friends, his words might sound quite a bit like my posts of late:

"It's really amazing! All I have to do is this one simple thing, and look at all the great stuff I get! Wow! If I had known I was going to get rewarded like this, I would have done this years ago!"

Eventually, I suppose, the "treats" will disappear and I will be doing what I'm supposed to do just because I'm supposed to do it, and not necessarily for the promise of M&Ms a restful Sunday.  Until then, however, I will be glad to report on how He continues to show me that things DO go better when I attempt to do it His way!

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