Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm not kidding

Do your kids play with ice?

Yeah, mine do, too.

Most of them simply eat it... or freeze toys in blocks of ice for the sheer joy of chipping them out later.

Thomas, however, has taken it to an art form. For the past three days he has been tending to his "pet ice."

I kid you not.

In fact, just a few minutes ago we heard him shout from the back:

"Daddy! Guess what my pet ice and I are doing right now! We're playing chess!"

And here's the proof:

Bless his heart. We really do give him more toys to play with than that! *grin*

Speaking of chess, though, I have to brag on Thomas for a minute. This six-year old TAUGHT HIMSELF CHESS just by watching others after one day. He knows where each of the pieces go, how they move, and the basics of the game. DH played with him this morning and he was in heaven!


Beth said...

Wow! That kid is hilarious! And smart!!

Madeleine is doing 48 piece puzzles BY herself. What the heck? I might have to homeschool her so she can go at her own pace and the other kids don't hold her back.... although I don't know if I could keep up with her!

Ouiz said...

Watch out! Once the homeschooling bug bites you, there's no turning back! *grin*

She is doing FANTASTIC if she's doing puzzles like that all by herself! That's amazing! Wow... that's like "scary smart"!

Malia said...

You must have imprinted some kind of 1970's "pet rock" gene memory , Ouiz, and he's substituted ice.

Too funny!

Eileen said...

LOL -- my kids love to play with chunks of ice, too! They haven't made them into pets yet, though (let alone chess-playing ones!)-- that's pretty clever! :)

I really just dropped by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for your insightful, thought-provoking, honest and often funny posts. I think I mentioned once before that I can't seem to make my Google account work for commenting purposes, and as a result I can almost never comment on your blog -- even though I've often wanted to! I noticed that somehow I'm currently "signed in" -- don't know how or why, but figured I'd better take advantage while I can and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


Ouiz said...

Eileen, thank you so much for your comment! What a wonderful boost for my day! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! May you and your family be blessed throughout the coming year!

SuzanneG said...

That's hysterical!!!

Ouiz said...

I was amazed that he kept his "pet" for many, many days. Thankfully, I think the desire to keep pet ice has waned a bit... for now... so I won't find puddles and wet towels all over the place.