Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sweet Victory is Mine!

Guess who finally packed away the winter coats... and hats... and gloves............. in July?

Oh yeah, that would be me.

One more item scratched off the list.


Barbara said...

Do you ever put something on the list just so you can cross it off?

All our coats were packed away long ago except mine, which needs to be dry cleaned (for about 3 years now!).

Reese said...

Yay Ouiz!!! I just switched out the contents of the hanging shoe bag on the laundry room door- from mittens and gloves..to sunscreen and bugspray. Hey-it's only July!!!

Reese said...

Oh and Ouiz....I was just wondering from your previous entry....what HAVE you been doing that you don't have time to blog, besides putting up coats and planning HS....Have you been-- PAINTING???!!
Oh- I started blogging again, and no paint was involved-you might like The Bird Ranch today...