Monday, March 30, 2009


Of the grocery store variety, that is.

Total spent: $1.40
(in fact, the "Mart of Wal" actually gave me $0.03 for each of the soaps. I was paid to take them off their shelves!)

Tonight's score.
Total spent: $2.95
(The bread was $1 each. The aluminum foil was completely free, and the candy and 2 egg kits cost me $0.95 total... oh, and they gave me $3.98 back in ECBs.)


Malia said...

So, after ECBs, you only came out of pocket a whopping forty-three cents. Wow...that's a lot of stuff for less than the price of a pack of gum!

Malia said...

Oops, I meant forty-seven cents. Man, doesn't seem like such a good deal now, does it? :-)

Malia said...

Wow, this is really embarrassing. I really can't add or subtract. It's THIRTY-seven cents. Hah, there! At least you're back in good deal territory now, anyway!

Ouiz said...

Alright... I'm going to have to call you and see what you are adding and subtracting... you've confused me!

Malia said...

Okay, to prove I'm not quite clinically insane, here is the computation: $1.40 at Sam Walton's little establishment plus $2.95 at what appears to be Bilo and CVS minus the $3.98 in ECBs and voila!-a mere thirty-seven cents in the red.

Foil, focaccia, candy, bread, egg kit, soap and pasta for a teeny bit of pocket change. Way to go, Ouiz!

(As an aside, after you make a score like that, do you find yourself saying "Hee, hee, hee!" under your breath as you go out the door? Or is that just me?)