Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Snow recap

As Julie mentioned (rather well, I might add!) in her latest post, THE SNOW DAY is an (almost) annual tradition that we Southerners take very seriously.

The steps for a successful snow day

You MUST go out at the first sighting of snow, because chances are it will melt by lunchtime.

You munch handfuls of the amazing white stuff..

You grab whatever "gloves" you can find (your dad's socks can come in handy on these occasions as well)

Seriously... whatever you can find is fair game. Even if you use your sister's headband as a scarf.

And make lots of coffee. Don't forget that.

I know, I know. You folks up north are looking at these pictures and would call this merely "a light dusting." We, however, call this THE BIG SNOW. Everything at this point is cancelled -- school, shows, midweek prayer services, etc. If I had gone to the stores, I'm sure the bread and milk sections would have been pretty darn sparse.

Then, you get together with good friends...

...hit the hills...

Wrap it all up by 11:00 am and call it done! Another successful winter-type-thing has been accomplished, and we move on to spring! (you think I'm kidding, but it's supposed to be 70 degrees on Thursday).


Beth said...

Hey that amount of snow is not bad for your neck of the woods :) The kids looked like they had a blast!

Suburban Cowgirl said...

Likin' that hat on Reilly! (that *is* the right kid, right?)