Wednesday, February 04, 2009

It's news like that

...that brings everything into perspective.

I was going to write a tongue-in-cheek "oh woe is me" sort of posting, highlighting our month of illnesses which culminated in me being diagnosed with a kidney infection, mastitis, and sepsis (yes, all at the same time... long story, but I'm fine now) and the two little ones coming down with...

...wait for it...

...chicken pox on Monday.

Like I said, I was going to write a funny post, detailing all the twists and turns we've taken over the past month.

After hearing of Michael Dubriel's death, however, I decided that was just really poor timing.

I HAVE been aware, throughout our month o' illness, that this is so small... a minor blip on the radar, if anything. For tonight I'm just going to thank God that for today, this is the only cross He's asked us to bear. I cannot worry about tomorrow or I'll go insane.

TODAY I get to hug and kiss my chicken poxed children and tell them how much I love them (and they are being real troupers! I'm so proud of them!!)

TONIGHT I will remember the privilege of caring for Grace as she squirms around miserably, desperately trying to find some position that gives her a bit of rest.

RIGHT NOW I can listen to the chatter of children (who are supposed to be asleep by now!) in their bedrooms and thank God that they are there to make noise, make messes, and make my life more blessed than I ever imagined.

AND FOR TODAY, I will give thanks that God in His mercy has allowed me one more day here on earth, one more day with my husband, one more day with my parents, my siblings, and my friends.

In spite of all my fears and worries, He has given me an amazing life so far, and I have enjoyed every precious moment that He has allowed me to have. So for all the small, insignificant, little trials of life, may I remember to smile and say" thank You" for them too.

[as an aside, as I was finishing this up my husband came into the room and asked me why I was so upset. I told him and shared some of my fears as well, and he just smiled and said, "Honey, you've been sick for over a month, you haven't slept well in over a week, there's construction going on in the house, the little ones are miserable, and you were just recently diagnosed with something that can often be fatal... you deserve to be a little stressed out!

This is why I love this man..


Alice Gunther said...

Oh, Chicken Pox!!!!

My four month old son caught it seven years ago AND, even though I have medical records to say I had it when I was a little girl, I caught it from him. A horrible, horrible adult version.

Never before or since was I so sick.

Praying for you and your family!

Ouiz said...

Whoa... I didn't think you could get it again! Did you just have a mild case of it the first time? I'm hoping their illnesses are "bad" enough to provide lifelong immunity.

Thank you for your prayers! Grace most definitely needs them, since she's the most miserable.

Amy said...

Praying for all of you, Ouiz!

Julie said...

Your a trouper Chez Ouiz! I'm way impressed by your grace through one trial after another. I love you, and we're praying for your itchy babies.

Beth said...

Ok I'm coming down. I WANT M to catch it instead of getting the vaccine. Let's have a party! :)