Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Where are all the lights?

Seriously... we took the kids around last night to "look at the lights," and there just weren't that many out there. WHOLE NEIGHBORHOODS were completely dark, as if this were just another ordinary week.

Coming out of the huge panic attack/depression episode I just had, I completely understand the desire to be somewhat subdued this year. However, if my panic attack taught me anything, it reminded me to focus on this present moment, and not focus on the possible problems in the months and years ahead.

We may face trials ahead... but it's not today.

This Christmas season we are still free to worship, free to celebrate, and free to go all out and show our joy that Our Lord deigned to make Himself small enough to be human, and share in our life here on earth.

So whether you have a tasteful display, or tend to go all out like this...

(and yes, Beth, this one's for you! This doesn't even begin to take in her whole yard. She's got these things in the front yard, the back yard, by the driveway, etc)

... God bless you all! Turn on some lights! Let's celebrate!


Beth said...

Yay! I think those blow up things are funny during the day when they're down. We have a few houses like that and Ken calls them "santa's graveyard." :)

Merry Christmas Ouiz!!

Ouiz said...

Too funny! We saw some deflated blow up lawn ornaments as well, and the kids (and dh) were making one joke after another about them...

Charlotte (Matilda) said...

You have my complete sympathies on the panic attack/depression thing. They are a pain and can be such a cross to carry. Just know that it even though you feel weak, you ARE strong. Strong enough to make it through to the other side! Merry Christmas!