Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feast of St. Therese

Happy Feast of St. Therese!

When I was younger, I was attracted to her simply because she was the patron saint my mother chose for Confirmation.

When I was older, I was captivated by her writings, and inspired by her devotion to the Lord.

When I was lonely, I prayed that the Lord would give me a friend in Heaven.

When I was recovering from a c-section and in much need of prayers, she came to my aid in a way that simply blew me away, and I've been devoted to her ever since.

I don't plan on doing anything "dessert-ish" or whatever tomorrow. I simply want to thank God for the incredible gift of St. Therese... the way He worked in her life, and the way He uses her to minister to so many people here on earth... including plain old ordinary people like me.

Happy Feast Day, St. Therese!

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Abigail said...

Beautiful Post! I never fully connected with the whole "communion of saints" thing before this year. (As a former Protestant we never prayed to anyone but Jesus). Now I have so much intense love for Saint Therese and so many other dear heavenly friends. Happy Feast Day!