Monday, March 31, 2008

This is how we do it

This is how we vacuum -- ear muffs, feet protectors (matching not necessary), running full tilt through the playroom. [Don't talk to me about how messy it all is. Believe me, my kids have heard quite a bit of ranting from me this weekend about the state of the house...]

This is how we hike through the woods. Chicken hat IS a necessity.

This is how we make robots -- talking helmet, bionicle pieces, skateboard, and lots of duct tape (I think this is rather ingenious for a 5-yr old!)

This is how we find time to take naps. Lunch too strenuous? Simply push the plate aside and collapse.

And this is how we put our cute on.


Matilda said...

How could you rant at those beautiful baby blue eyes and where can I find me a chicken hat?!?!! Have a great day Ouiz!

Lisa said...

Beautiful photos ~ LOVE that chicken hat! Goodness, but your sweet baby's getting big already!

Ouiz said...

Thank you for having fun with the photos!

My dh got the chicken hat as a joke -- I think it was a promotional item for the CHICKEN LITTLE movie -- and it quickly became Marie's hat of choice. She *insists* on wearing the hat whenever it's cold out.

Thankfully, I got rid of the 3-ft long burrito hat that said "think outside the bun" a long time ago, or you would've seen her walking through the woods with THAT! (of course, now that I'm thinking of it, I believe the head hole was too big for her, so all you would see was her neck... and then a huge foam burrito on top of it...)

Suburban Cowgirl said...

love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT!!!!

Thanks for the photos!

(but I forgot to take photos of the toothpaste incident in the Ranch over the weekend! my bad!)