Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sew Mama Sew

I've had this link in my sidebar for quite some time, but I wanted to bring it to your attention so you could see the GORGEOUS quilts everyone made for "quilt month."

What I love to see is the amazing creativity out there. Everyone's taste is different, and how they express themselves through their art is just wonderful. (Doesn't this inspire you to get up and make something?)

I see the same thing in my friends -- they all have different tastes, and their creativity takes many different forms, but they all just blow me away in what they are able to produce in their homes. Some are more modern, some more Southern traditional, some are country eclectic. Some paint, some garden, some have a flair for decorating, some excel at cooking, some have the gift of hospitality, etc.

The point is, God gives each one of us something... some talent... for creating. Rejoice in the talents He's given you, and take time this week to use them!

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Beth said...

Those are so beautiful!!

I really wish I could sew more. I'm actually trying to follow my first pattern and make a little sundress for M. But my problem is, the craft room (Ken calls it the junk room!) is right next to M's room. So I can't really use the sewing machine when she's napping or after she goes to bed, b/c it wakes her up (a breeze blowing in California wakes that kid up.) where do you have your machine?