Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our week in review

Thomas decided that the laundry basket made a much more comfortable bed.

(and while I didn't get a picture of it, the next night I couldn't find Kathryn anywhere. I checked next to Reilly. I checked Marie's crib. I went into the boys' room. No Kathryn anywhere. I knew she HAD to be in the house, but where could she hide? I rechecked all the beds and was just about to turn some lights on when I saw something out of the corner of my eye... the top of her head... sticking out of the laundry hamper! I got her out of there and said, "sweetie, why on EARTH were you sleeping in the HAMPER?" She just gave me a sleepy smile and said, "Because every kid likes to be found and picked up by their mom or dad and put into bed...")

She won't let me get a good picture of it, but Grace has her first tooth. She handled it pretty well, actually... no fuss, no fever, no excessive drooling (blech)... just a "ta-da!" and there it was. So, no official tooth picture... but I offer you an official "first time in the swing" picture instead. (She is just the cutest little thing!)

And finally, Kathryn had a lifelong dream realized on Friday -- she started horseback riding lessons! (She has been saving all the money she's received from Christmases and birthdays from very generous friends and relatives). I wanted to cry -- she was just sooooooooo happy!


Beth said...

Kathryn looks SO happy! And Grace is just the cutest little thing!!

ThG said...

How wonderful that she gets to learn to ride. My sister started riding at about 10 and still has the horse that she started on (she will be 40 this year)! I, on the other hand, fall off a horse every time I get on one!